How to enter your team into the Coracle Race

A team consists of 4 people over the age of 18 years

Entering your Team (Team Registration) is simple and quick. To make the process even easier please check that you have the following information to hand:

  • The names of your 3 other team mates and ensure you can all can swim 200 metres clothed
  • Your team name decided
  • Your payment card. It costs £300 to enter a team

Click/tap the button below to be taken to the, secure Team Registration page, on the Macmillan Enthuse website.

On the landing page click/tap the text Register, or you can click/tap the REGISTER button displayed on the right of the page on most desktops (or at the bottom of your screen on mobile devices).

The Team Entry page on the Macmillan Enthuse website

Team Entry - Step by Step

An easy 5 step process to register your team & your team name
plus take advantage of advertising opportunities and borrow a coracle!

From the landing page (shown above) you'll be taken to Step 1 which confirms the Registration Fee of £300 per team. Click/Tap the Register button which will take you to Step 2.

Step 2 requires you to enter the Team Leader's name, the company/organisation name, if relevant (not mandatory), the key contact name (usually the Team Leader) and email address.

You can then CREATE a new team or, if a team has already been created, FIND an existing team so you can add/invite more team mates to your team, if they were not all added when the team was created.

Click/tapping the CREATE button will trigger a pop-up box. Follow the instructions shown. Once this has been completed the pop-up will close so that you can complete the rest of Step 2. Then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 offers you the opportunity to purchase Advertising within the Race Card and sponsor Team Bibs. Additionally if you wish to Borrow A Coracle, for pre-race practice, this might be a good time to do so.

After you have selected any promotional items, or booked a coracle to borrow, click/tap the Continue button to be taken to Step 4.

Step 4 displays a review of your Team Registration and/or any additional items you wish to purchase.

If everything appears to be correct click/tap the PURCHASE button. This will forward you to the Payment page where you can enter you card details.

Once payment has been accepted you will see Step 5 the final confirmation page.

Following this, the Key Contact created at Step 2, will be sent an email confirmation of the Team Entry plus all of the Race Day documentation. They will also receive an email to notify them that the Team's dedicated Fundraising page has been set up and and explanation of what to do next.

Borrow a Coracle to practice!

Practice makes perfect, so if you want to be one step ahead of the competition, you can borrow a Coracle from us as part of the Team Entry Registration - click/tap the button below.